RIN Verification Services



RIN Verification Services


RIN Verification for Safety and Liquidity

RINtrust, LLC is a RIN verification service provider. We are one of three firms registered with the EPA to provide QAP services to biofuel facilities. Our goal is to add value to the RINs generated by our clients through real-time auditing, and to increase liquidity in the market. The RINtrust programs combine existing knowledge and services that:

  1. Are comprehensive and user friendly;

  2. Are cost effective and add value to the company bottom line;

  3. Provide the highest level of RIN integrity possible;

  4. Allows the biofuel facility to operate discreetly, without exposing sensitive and proprietary information.

RINtrust is an Independent QAP provider:

  1. RINtrust is not aligned with Accounting firms that provide Annual Attestations per EPA Final Rule

  2. RINtrust does not generate RINs for Producers per EPA Final Rule

  3. RINtrust does not trade RINs per EPA Final Rule

  4. RINtrust offers a “Mass Balance” approach that is thorough, yet discreet, to verify RINs.

RINtrust coordinates with Frazier, Barnes & Associates, LLC to provide independent due diligence for
compliance with RFS2 and LCFS.

RINtrust is approved to provide Q-RIN verification services for the following pathways:

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RINtrust was formed in 2012 by renewable fuel industry experts with decades of industry experience. RINtrust's goal is to provide economical services that not only ensure the validity of the RINs, but also add significant value to the biofuel facility. Our mass balance approach is quite simple, yet thorough.


Broad Range of Clients


Obligated Parties

Oil refiners and importers need to know that their RINs are valid.


Biodiesel Facilities

A QAP can help facilities be compliant.

Ethanol Facilities

With higher RIN prices, comes higher risk for obligated parties.

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Other Advanced Fuels

Contact us for more information on our services for biogas, sugarcane ethanol and other advanced fuels.

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