Q-RIN Service Provider

RINtrust provides Q RIN verification services that fully comply with the EPA RIN Quality Assurance Program. RINtrust is a provider of Q-RIN services per the final rule issued 7/2/2014.

RFS2 Consulting

Need help completing forms, talking to EPA or completing RIN transactions? RINtrust can assist with simple questions, RFS2 calculations or pathway petitions. If you are looking for an interpretation from an expert, give RINtrust a call.

Independent Engineering Reviews

RINtrust works with Professional Engineers to complete the QAP site visit, and we verify engineering reviews as part of each QAP.  For new engineering reviews and engineering review updates, we refer facilities to Frazier, Barnes & Associates and other independent engineers as appropriate.

Annual Attest Engagements

RINtrust works with an array of independent accounting firms to complete the QAP quarterly audits, and we verify annual attestations as part of each QAP. For new attest engagements, we can either refer an accounting firm or the plant can choose one at its own discretion per the EPA final rule.


RIN Verification, RFS2 Consulting, Compliance assistance, EPA assistance, pathway petitions

Rintrust's goal is to provide economical services that not only ensure the validity of the RINs, but also add significant value to the biofuel facility.

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