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June 1, 2015

  • June 1-4
  •  Minneapolis Convention Center
  •  Minneapolis, MN

RINtrust invites you us at the FEW and to attend a presentation by Tamara Mills, QAP compliance specialist. This presentation seeks to discuss QAP RIN verification in a broad sense, the purpose of which is to inform ethanol producers about the ins and outs of the EPA’s Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) RIN Verification program. The QAP process does not have to be an overly burdensome task that consumes time and money, as some might envision, but rather a fairly straightforward process that can have positive benefits to the ethanol and RIN producer.   The affirmative defense that tags along with a QRIN will be discussed briefly, as well as the mechanics of the typical QAP audit.  The presentation will provide an overview of the documents that the auditor needs, the process of conducting a site visit and the on-going document review.  Myths about the mechanics—e.g., that cameras and other monitoring equipment must be set up at the plant—will be dispelled.

Although the biodiesel industry has widely adopted QAP, the ethanol industry has not done so yet.  Will that change?  What will drive it to change? 

The opportunities related to QAP will also be discussed.  Will the early adopters actually gain an economic benefit?

Finally, what can cause ethanol producers to be out of compliance?  Is it possible to get back into compliance without serious financial implications?  Should I do it now or do it later?  This presentation will touch on timely compliance topics at a “down-to-earth” level.